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Ukulele cruise to the Amazon River


Not really. It’s actually a cruise to the Amazon River leaving Bristol on 5 January 2017. The itinerary is shown here: https://www.cruiseandmaritime.com/cruise/p702/amazon-west-indies-azores

However, a friend of mine from Cambridgeshire – Peter Crush – is continuing his cruise career (along with his lovely wife, Lynda)  teaching the ukulele to fellow passengers.

I have mentioned to him that I intend to take my Beaver Creek guitalele with me instead of the usual uke so need to get around to learning how to play it. Part of this learning entails learning the guitar to learn chord shapes as the same shapes are used on both but making different chords. For example, the G on a guitar is a C on the guitalele.

So have had to buy a guitar and chose one similar to this –  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fender-Sonoran-SCE-Acoustic-Guitar/dp/B002CVX3J0/ref=pd_sbs_267_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=GN6PVSPME2TA4J1CK4MD

May even take this on the cruise as well.


Newcastle Ukulele Fest update

After many months trying to get the local council to respond to me tried again this week. Guess what? Success.

Had a brilliant thought when sending my latest email – I copied in 2 local councillors to see if this changed my luck. And surprisingly(?) it did. Within hours had received an email from Cllr Elizabeth Shenton (Leader of the Council / Portfolio Holder – Policy, People and Partnerships),  and Matt Taylor (Newcastle-under-Lyme BID Manager).

Will be emailing them next week to see what we can do.

Minimus Ukulele

I was looking at various Facebook pages the other day when I came across Rod Arthur’s page for the Minimus Ukulele. As I’m always looking for different ukuleles this one really appeals to me. I asked Rod for his story and this is below:

My name is Rod Arthur and have been playing ukulele for 40 years (before the revolution) I’ve also worked as an actor for 40 years (feel free to google me if it’s of interest) Woodwork has always been a hobby and in 1997/8 I went back to college to take my advanced city and guilds in furniture making. There followed 9 years making furniture as a parallel  career to my acting. Then stopped for a variety of reasons. In 2010 I broke the neck on my baritone uke and decided to build a replacement, soon to discover that it wouldn’t work, so set about building my first uke. Despite the fact I steam bent 5mm thick beech it worked and I still have it, trust me you could go to war with that uke and win. At the start so 2016 I dedicated my workshop to making ‘The Minimus Ukulele and after a huge learning process I’m now satisfied with the product and sell them. They cost £120-125 depending on choice of friction tuner. The cases are £15 pound (I don’t make them). Postage in UK is £5. They are a bolt on neck construction. The scale length is 26cm. The overall length is 39-40cm depending on choice of headstock design. The width at the nut is 36-38 mm (same as a concert).”
Have placed my order.