Ukulele Festival Newcastle Under Lyme 2017 anyone?

I’m thinking of starting a ukulele festival here in Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire, sometime in 2017. Are you interested?

I’m looking for venues for gigs etc, groups who may want to perform, uke players who may want to pass on the expertise in ‘workshops’, etc..

I have approached Newcastle Under Lyme Council for their guidance and will report back.

But in the meantime, please let me have your comments.



One thought on “Ukulele Festival Newcastle Under Lyme 2017 anyone?”

  1. Great idea ! I’m just back from the Cheltenham Festival (Fiestaval) which was brilliant – a huge success – workshops performances open mic sessions and a wonderful group strum of 539 players. I too am hoping to have more ukulele events in next years Arts Festival in Leek during May


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